Flattr is a micro-payment system that enables its users to show love for creation on the internet. It also enables those who create to receive that love in the form of clicks and, at the end of the month, money.

Up and till now, we had to either integrate the button ourselves on the websites we edit (really easy but not always doable) or wait for the site editor to add the opportunity for his contributors to add their own Flattr buttons.

When we post on a forum, on blogs, on myspace, facebook, youtube, ... some interesting content there is just no way to attach your Flattr button and receive the love of the people who will enjoy your post... And that's just wrong !

That's where Överallt comes : as its name suggests (Överallt means everywhere in swedish), it allows you to add a Flattr button wherever you want to (as long as you can send text in fact).

To add a Flattr button simply input the following text : [Flattr=2051] (where 2051 is your Flattr ID) and every Överallt user will be able to see the button !

By using Överallt we all contribute to spread the word about Flattr and show site editors that we want them to integrate the buttons.

Feel free to adapt Överallt to some other browsers so that this solution becomes universal and we can finaly Flattr every piece of the web, no matter how we look at it !